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Want to register for a class you see below?  Give us a call at 785-0438 and let us know which class you choose.  Registration forms are availble at the studio BUT you can save yourself the hassle and bring in a filled out registration form with you when you try out your dance class.  Just click HERE  

Our 2019-2020 schedule is being finalized! However, you can use our 2018-2019 schedule as a guide for upcoming classes.  We will have the complete schedule available for you at Fall Registration 9/3-6 4:00-7:00 pm and 9/7 9:00a-1:00p 

 (Sept-June) CLASS SCHEDULE 2018-2019

 Beginning Classes  Intermediate Classes  Advanced Classes


4:00-4:45p Beg. Hip Hop Ages 4-7

4:15-5:00p Beg. Ballet Ages 5-7

4:45-5:30p Beg.Tap/Jazz Combo Ages 4-7

5:00-5:45p Beg. Ballet Ages 7+

5:00-5:45p Int. Ballet Ages 9+

5:00-5:45p Int. Gymnastics Ages 7+

5:30-6:15p Beg. Hip Hop Ages 7+ *FULL*

6:15-7p Int. Adult Tap 


5:00-5:45p SHOWSTOPPERS Jr/Sr Tap Ages7+

5:00-5:45p Beg. Tumbling Ages 4-7

5:15-6:00p Beg. Hip Hop/Jazz & Tap Combo Ages 9+

5:15-6p Int. Super Combo (Ballet/Tap/Jazz) Ages 

5:45-6:30p SHOWSTOPPERS Jr Ballet Technique Ages 7-12

5:45-6:30p Beg. Tumbling Ages 7+

6:00-6:45p Beg. Modern/Contemporary Ages 10+

6:30-7:15p SHOWSTOPPERS Jr. Jazz/Hip Hop Ages 7-12


10:30-11:15a Beg. Creative Movement Ages 2-4*FULL*

11:15a-12:00p Int. Pre-School Combo Ages 3-5

4:00-4:45 Int. Tumbling Ages 6+

4:15-5:00p Int. Hip Hop Ages 7+

4:45-5:30p Beg. Creative Movement Ages 3-5 

5:00-5:45p Int. Jazz/Tap Combo Ages 7+

6:15-7:00p Beg. Adult Tap 

6:30-7:15p SHOWSTOPPERS Sr Jazz/Hip Hop Ages 13+

7:15-8p SHOWSTOPPERS Sr. Ballet Ages 13+

8:00-8:30p Adv. Pointe Ages 12 and up


3:30-4:15p Int. Ballet/Lyrical Ages 13+

4:30-5:15p Beg. Ballet/Tap Combo Ages 4-6

5:15-6p Int. Super Combo (Ballet/Tap/Jazz) Ages 6+

6:00-6:45p Adv. Tap/Jazz Combo Ages 12+

6:30-7:00p SHOWSTOPPERS Jr/Sr Clogging Ages 7+

7:00-7:45p SHOWSTOPPERS Sr. Lyrical/Modern Ages 13+

7:45-8:30p SHOWSTOPPERS Elite-audition only



9:00-9:45a Beg. Creative Movement Ages 2-4 *ALMOST FULL*

9:00-9:45a Beg. Creative Movement Ages 2-4 *ALMOST FULL*

9:00-10:00a Beg. Hula Ages 5+ All levels- 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month

9:30-10:15a Beg. Tumbling Ages 4-6 

9:45-10:30a Int. Ballet/Tap Combo Ages 4-6

9:45-10:45a Int. Super Combo (Ballet/Tap/Jazz) Ages 6+

10:30-11:15a Beg. Tumbling Ages 7+

10:30-11:15a Int. Hip Hop Ages 7-9

11:00-11:45a Beg. Ballet Ages 5+

11:15a-12:00p Beg. Ballet/Tap Combo Ages 4-6

11:30a-12:15p Int. Gymnastics Ages 7+

11:30-12:15p Beg. Ballet/Tap Combo Ages 4-6 

11:30-12:15p Beg. Hip Hop Ages 5-7

Private Lessons and Classes available by appointment.  Call today!

Private Classes available for solos, duets, trios and small groups (4) with any of our instructors.  

Class Descriptions

Ballet - the basis of all forms of dance; an artistic dance form based on an elaborate formal technique, characterized by gestures and movements of grace, precision, and fluidity.


Tap - a form of dance characterized by a tapping sound that is created from metal plates that are attached to both the ball and heel of the dancer's shoe. These metal plates, when tapped against a hard surface, create a percussive sound and as such the dancers are considered to be musicians.


Jazz - a smooth, modern form of dance characterized by technique such as kicks, leaps, and turns based in African-American vernacular dance as well as Caribbean traditional dance.


Lyrical - a dance style that combines elements of Ballet, Modern, and Jazz dance techniques commonly set to popular music with vocals. The name lyrical comes from the word "lyrics" because dancers use the lyrics of a song or music to inspire them to do certain movements or show expression. The goal of a lyrical dancer is to use gesture, facial expression, and controlled movements in order to execute their movements and emotions.


Hip Hop - a social dance style choreographed to hip-hop music based in the art of popping, locking, and breaking using isolated movements, focusing on separating parts of the body.  Often freestyle in nature.

Pointe - a strict style of ballet danced on the tips of the toes with special shoes that have a wooden box in the toe.


Pointe - a strict style of ballet danced on the tips of the toes with special shoes that have a wooden box in the toe.


Broadway/Musical Theater - a style characterized by using any form of dance and complimenting it with vocals performed by the dancer


Modern - a style of theatrical dance that rejects the limitations of classical ballet and favors movement deriving from the expression of inner feeling based on principles of fall and recovery as well as contract and release

Clogging - Clogging .uses the rhythm of the music and is a mix of tap steps, Irish dance and square dancing all wrapped up in one. A clogger dances on the heel of the tap shoe more than a traditional tap dancer. Dancers will learn the basic clog and partner steps to current country hits. Dancers may wish to invest in a clogging tap shoe which consists of a jingle tap, however, the jingle tap is optional


Pre-School Combo - an introduction to dance, based in ballet, focused on developing gross motor skills, listening skills, and social interaction with peers.  Dancers use creative play within the dance curriculum.  This class integrates Tap and Ballet or Jazz and Tap.


Creative Movement - an introduction to movement, loosely based in ballet, focused on exposing young students to their peers to develop social interaction as well as working toward developing some gross motor skills.  This class integrates Tap, Jazz and Ballet.

ADULT CLASSES: offered at varying times
 BALLET/WORKOUT CLASS-Will incorporate ballet barre excersizes as well as stretching for great health benefits.
ADULT CLOGGING/TAP-NO experience needed. Great workout and leg shaper!
ADULT HIP HOP- Int/Advanced level- will workout and then have a great time learning different choreography.
Contemporary Jazz/Lyrical- NO experience needed. Great workout and leg shaper as well as stretching for great health benefits.