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Class Fees Information

No Registration Fees Ever!

Discounts available for families with more than one dancer.

Please make all checks payable to Dance World. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover Credit Cards.

Pre-School (students not yet in Kindergarten,)

Beginners (first time dancers over 5 years,)

and Intermediates/Advanced (students with previous dance experience)

Monthly Payment $36.00

Season Pre-Pay (Sept. - June) $330.00


*All season pre-pay fees for the prices above are a savings of $30.00



All instructors are available to provide private lessons to one dancer, two dancers or three dancers.  Private lesson prices are the decision of the instructor.  Please see your favorite instructor to schedule a private lesson!



Showstoppers Dance Troupe

Please make all checks payable to Heather Miner

Family Discount Provided

Monthly Payment

½ Season Pre-Pay

(Sept. ?Jan. and Feb. -June)

Season Pre-Pay (Sept. ?June)

One Group - $32

One Group - $155 (2 pymts)

One Group - $300

Two Groups - $50

Two Groups - $240 (2 pymts)

Two Groups - $460

Three Groups  - $68

Three Groups - $325 (2 pymts)

Three Groups - $620

Unlimited Option - $86

Unlimited - $410 (2 pymts)

Four Groups - $780


Solos:  $10 per half an hour session - $40 a month - $390 Season Pre-Pay (Sept. ?June)

Duets: $7 per dancer for a half an hour session - $28 a month - $270 Season Pre-Pay (Sept. ?June)

Trios: $5 per dancer for a half an hour session -$20 a month - $190 Season Pre-Pay (Sept. ?June)

Small Groups (4 or more): $5 per dancer for a 45 minute session -$20 a month - $190 Season Pre-Pay (Sept. ?June)


Making payments at the studio: 

On some days, there will be no one to take your payment, however, a brown locked drop box is located on the desk in the office.  Take an envelope and write your child's name on it and place it in the box.  Your account will be credited when the box is emptied.  Also, if you wish you may fill out the envelope and hand it directly to the instructor and your account will be credited when the instructor is finished with the day.

Some important payment information: 

1. Monthly payments are due on the 1st of the month.  A $10.00 late fee will be charged after the 15th of the month.  If you do not pay your monthly fees, you may be asked not to bring your child to classes until the issue is resolved.

2. There is a $25.00 fee for returned checks.  We insist upon cash or credit for payment to clear your returned check.  After 2 returned checks, we will require cash or credit card with every monthly payment.

3. Fees for private and semi-private lessons are to be arranged with the instructor.  Please let the instructor know if the student will not be attending the private class, otherwise you will be charged for the clas missed.

4. Refunds and credits are not given for missed classes.  You may make up the class on another day.  Please notify the studio if your child will be absent for an extended period of time due to illness or family emergency.